Season: End of March to end of October

Sizes: Large, Medium, Small

Packing: Cartons of 15.0 kg net, 16.5 kg gross

Description: Shipments of eddoes are not palletised. Even though a 40' container can fit approximately 1500 cartons of eddoes, because of the highway weight limiatations on sea voyage shipments to Vancouver, Canada, 1150 cartons is an appropriate shipment.

Eddoes have purplish-brown skin and are known as one of the best medicinal foods because of their ability to cleanse the blood and prevent yellow fever, malaria, dengue and other diseases. For women, its vegetable hormones, which are rich in fitoestrogenes, increase fertility and are beneficial during and after the period of menopause. Cultivated in humid places, eddoes can produce other yams instead of being decomposed as potatoes, and their leaves are also very edible when boiled or cooked.