About Us...

Our main offerings are fresh papayas, limes, figs, guavas, mangoes, honey tangerines, ginger, hard yams, eddoes, persimmon and tropical avocados and haas avocados. All of our fruit is carefully grown, selected, classified, treated and packaged to make for the highest quality product possible.

With all of our products, the utmost care is taken to rigorously follow all of the pertinent guidelines in order to deliver the highest quality product available. From planting the fruit seeds to shipping the final product, every step is closely monitored and perfected to ensure the freshness of each piece of fruit. We stand by our commitment to excellence.

Brazil is a large country and many different fruit are found in different parts of the country. Brasfruit travels all over Brazil to ensure procurement of the highest quality fruit. Special care is given to each of our orders, for example if a customer desires a certain color, size and type of fruit, Brasfruit will make sure that is exactly what the customer receives. We also inspect each fruit individually to ensure the highest quality.

By following the motto: “honesty, hard work, quality and service to our customers,” Brasfruit has developed a following among its clients for its “DELIGHTGOLD” and “FRUTATA” brands.

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